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Nationwide Estimating offers construction takeoff services and material estimates to contractors for many years. Our estimates are detailed, well-referenced, and accurate. That’s why contractors, home remodelers, suppliers, architects, and homeowners take benefit from the quantity takeoffs provided by us. We deal with all kinds of material and cost estimates for residential as well as commercial construction projects.

Moreover, the latest software like Planswift helps our estimators in preparing the most accurate and fast estimates for any kind of project. Our services are for everyone looking for material quantities or cost estimation of construction projects. Whether it’s new construction or renovation of an existing building or site, we can do the blueprint take-off hassle-free & provide you a detailed Excel spreadsheet that can help you in tendering, ordering materials, and cost management of the project.

The information from a quantity takeoff is incorporated into a final detailed estimate, along with things like:

  • Labor costs
  • Office overhead costs
  • Subcontractor costs Equipment rentals.


Different Types of Quantity Takeoffs:

Quantity takeoffs are prepared by a wide range of people and organizations within the construction industry, and each quantity takeoff can be unique.


A manual quantity takeoff is simply a takeoff that is completed without the assistance of digital takeoff software. In the past, manual takeoffs were done entirely by hand. An estimator would examine physical drawings or blueprints and painstakingly create a list of materials. Many people still complete quantity takeoffs manually, but some do so with computer software assistance that information is entered into by hand. Although still aided by a computer, the process is still mostly manual. If done by hand, the estimator must make complex calculations. If done with a computer, software such as Excel can be used to perform specific calculations.


Digital quantity takeoffs are completed using construction estimating software that contains digital takeoff capability. Although each program has its own suite of features, the necessary process of creating a digital quantity takeoff is roughly the same. First, a blueprint is uploaded or scanned into the program. Following this, the program analyzes the blueprint or drawings and generates a list of all the required materials. At this point, the estimator can make any adjustments to the material requirements that they see. They may increase requirements for specific materials where wastage is common during the construction process. Any complex calculations required for assigning quantities to materials are embedded into the program, making this process more straightforward than a manual quantity takeoff.


Our Material Quantity Take-Off Process

At Measure Manage, we follow a detailed record system to include:

  • Document source and the date
  • Name of the estimator and date recorded
  • The location of the project
  • Verified calculations and inclusions like loss or wastage


Quantity & Material Takeoff/ Construction Takeoff Services

We are using the powerful conceptual quantity and material takeoff estimate software. This information will be used on a project that takes the information available and imports it to an Excel spreadsheet that can be sent out to your sources for pricing. Once the best figures are available, our customers will get the estimated overall cost of their project. It is important to note that our expert conceptual or preliminary estimate will be determined by experienced construction cost estimators that are going to use the proper tools and a good view of the overall picture. Just trust us due to our years of experience and we are able to forecast costs of materials, labor, and knowledge of relevant markets.


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