Construction Cost Estimation

Nationwide Estimating can provide you with highly accurate cost estimates, facilitating the cost prediction of your undergoing project and the overall management cost to be presented to the builder. Whether you are interested in making an investment decision in the conceptual stage, negotiating or finalizing the implementation contract, or implementing the cost control measures, we are here to offer you the right support for costs estimation.

Nationwide Estimating also helps contractors and engineers with estimates that determine the project costs and profits, with the development of a database or with evaluations of construction alternatives.

Careful consideration to all the specifications of your project given, including the feasibility analysis, materials, equipment, design and labor, insurances and taxes, inspections and testing, buying, holding, and improvement of land, etc.

Following your requirements, our experts make a comprehensive analysis of the scope, time, cost quality, and performance. For delivering accurate estimation, we use to design and engineering software such as Design Suite (BDS), Revit, AutoCAD, Navisworks, Building Material Estimators (Win), ProEst Estimating, Quest Estimator


Services for Construction Cost Estimation at Nationwide Estimating

At Nationwide Estimating, we provide estimations on all the three essential functions of design, bidding, or control, generally needed in estimating your project costs.

  1. Design Estimates

This service is especially important for owners and designated design professionals, as the types of cost estimates run parallel with the planning and design process. For this category, we are in charge of:

1.1. Screening estimates

order of magnitude estimates, a prediction based on the capacity of the proposed project

1.2. Preliminary cost estimates

Made when conceptual design decisions made
1.3. Detailed estimates

definitive estimates, prepared after drawings completed

1.4. Engineer’s estimates

based on specifications and architectural plans


This type of service is addressed to contractors. Bid estimation submitted to the owner for either competitive bidding or negotiation will consist of a direct construction cost including field supervision, a markup to cover general overhead and profits. For this, we will follow a combination of the following approaches:

  • Subcontractor quotations
  • Quantity takeoffs
  • Construction procedures



Control estimates are used throughout a project to monitor costs. A control estimate establishes the budget estimate for financing, the budgeted cost before construction, and the estimated cost of completion during an ongoing project.
• Budget cost estimate for financing purposes.
• Budgeted cost after assigning to the contractor but before construction.
• Estimated cost of completion during ongoing construction.


For the building cost estimations, we consider all the different perspectives of institutional requirements. We can help you make estimates of the expected costs in various areas such as design development changes, schedule and material adjustments, site conditions that are different than those expected, additional permits imposed during construction, etc.


Outsourcing Process for Construction Cost Estimation

As new project delivery methods for constructions continue to evolve, our highly respected Company has a foray into construction cost estimation services. Our company has the capability and the experience to provide the following services, amongst others.
• Building Cost Estimation.
• Residential Construction Cost Estimation.
• To estimate project construction budgets.
• To establish financing requirements.
• To establish benchmarks for a construction bid.
• Establish whether a proposed new construction plan is profitable or not.


Benefits of outsourcing your Construction Cost Estimations to us:

  • Getting a quick determination of the feasibility of your project
  • Having a quick screening on alternatives
  • Establishing financial requirements and construction budgets
  • Overview of the initial capital cost, as well as on the subsequent operations and maintenance costs


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